I offer a bespoke service to design and create truly unique jewellery. Through this process I can bring your ideas to life or I can create a one off design incorporating energetic stones chosen intuitively for you.

As an experienced Energy Healer, crystals chosen for your very own creation will be energised with healing to amplify their abilities and programmed to work with you.

This unique offering allows your jewellery to be perfectly designed and attuned within a greater consciousness for you, with the ability to support you energetically. Each detail of design brought together to resonate with your soul.

If you are looking for something unique and individually tailored to your spiritual needs then this offering is for you!

This process includes design and psychic consultation. Lead time is generally 10-12 weeks from consultation to creation. Due to the sourcing of some materials and hallmarking etc this can be longer. You will be advised of this when ordering.

Bespoke designs start from £95, booking in advance is highly recommended if you are working towards a specific date. 

I look forward to creating something magical for you!

Louise xx

Jewellery inspired by the Universe for your Mind, Body and Soul.