Power Retrieval

Shamanic Healing to regain your lost power. Power may be lost from life experiences, you may have given personal power away or it may have been taken from you. You may have experienced power loss from an individual or an institution.

When we are not in our full power, life can be difficult. It may manifest as feeling weak and vulnerable or in illness. A Power Retrieval reclaims that power and returns it directly to your energy field enabling you to feel strong and empowered.

I work to retrieve and restore personal power with the help of spirit guides and power animals, using shamanic drumming to access deeper levels of consciousness. Returning your power home to you! These sessions last 1.5hrs including talking therapy, healing ceremony and time for integration. £65 per session. Please contact for more information.

Spiritual Healing and Guidance

Spiritual Energy healing is a holistic practice to support your well being, working intuitively with the subtle energy systems. I work with a team of spirit helpers to stimulate your body's inherent ability to heal itself and seek guidance.

Using a variety of tools such as crystals, oracle cards, sound vibration and channelling, I can help clear blockages, support spiritual growth and help your energy flow. These are hour long sessions and are a great support for your general well being, reconnect you to your life purpose and returning you to a place of love. £40 per session, you may benefit from regular sessions to integrate. Please contact for more information